Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How to choose a gear?

          Before we start choosing a gear, we need to know that we are employing a metric gear, which is having metric gear module, or inch gear, that uses pitch, to conform proper gear sizing and compatibility. The gear module can be found by using a simple formula, by dividing the pitch diameter, or diameter of the pitch circle, by the quantity of the teeth the gear has. It is vital to make sure that gears we are using have an equivalent module, otherwise they will not work along. While choosing a gear two other important gear features has to be keep in mind they are gear ratio and backlash.


1. Spur Gear
2. Helical Gear
3. Double Helical or Herringbone Gear
4. Bevel Gear
5. Worm gear
6. Rack and Pinion
7. Internal and External Gear
8. Sprockets

According to the position of axis of shaft gears are also classified as :

1. Parallel Axis
          a. Spur Gear
          b. Helical Gear
          c. Rack and Pinion
2. Intersecting axis
          a. Bevel Gears
3. Non-interssecting and non-parallel
          a. Worm Gears

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