Friday, 5 January 2018

Tips for Industrial Gearbox Inspection and Maintenance

          To extend the lifetime of industrial gearbox, regular inspection and maintenance is must. On the other hand, for complete inspection and possible overhauling dismantling the gearbox and inspecting is time consuming and also causes undesirable downtime and breaks in production lines.   
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1. Gearbox Rating:

          Every gearbox have its own manufacture ratings both thermal and mechanical. It is vital to examine and conform that the gearbox is running withing it's manufacture specified ratings. On several cases it is seen that gearboxes are put in application surpassing its ratings, it'll cause gearbox failure.

2. Good housekeeping

          It looks simple but gives good results,  often gearboxes are operated at dirty and dusty environments. It is very important requirement to keep gearboxes in clean and dry areas. Regular cleaning of storage place and equipment is required. Keep the working environment and equipment dust and debris free unless contamination will increases the operating temperature of gearbox.

3. Oil (Shaft) Seals

          Any oil leakages at input and output shafts indicates that oil seals are damaged. With this we tend to loose lubrication and also chances of admittance of dirt, water and debris, so keep an eye on it.

4. Breathers

          It is seen that water and dust always enter into the gearbox through breather. It ought be of correct shape, style and type. Keep this breather always clean to allow the gearbox to breath easily. 

5. Regular lubrication

          This is one of the major step in preventive maintenance. Use manufacture recommended lubricating substance grade, type and quantity only. The selection of lubricant depends on temperature and season.

6. Check the temperature regularly

          Check the temperature fluctuations regularly to avoid overheating. Look for any signs of oil burnt smell, Foamed sight glass, discoloration of housings, burnt paint marks on housings. We could check the overheating of gearbox by sprinkling water on it. Spray water on gearbox and notice that it evaporates, boils or crackles. 

7. Gear Wear / Contacts

          Inspect Gears for any wear or misalignment. By using engineers blue we will find the gear wear.

8. Backlash and Shaft play

          Check the backlash between gears and also wear of shafts. We can check the backlash increase by using a dial gauge, it can't be noticeable with naked eye. End play causes gears wear.

9. Conduct Vibration Analysis

          Most gearboxes operate in noisy environments, at that environments we cant notice those vibrations. Vibrations are the cause of gears misalignment, bearing defects, shaft misalignment etc., 


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