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          Belt conveyors are universally employed in industrial settings and in packaging and collection units. They can facilitate in transportation of regular and irregularly shaped things from one point to a different in spite of their weight. The things will travel in horizontal, declined or inclined manner, depending on the kind of belt conveyor used. The're placed on the surface of the conveyor and transported from one point to the other through continuous, non-stop movement.
          The belt conveyor comprises of a belt, that lays over a smooth metal bed or rollers. When the distance is long, belt conveyors with rollers are the foremost appropriate option, because the rollers facilitate to reduce friction. It is not necessary for belt conveyors to be straight. They can also turn corners with a special attachment. In such a case, the shape of the belt for the corners will be concentric, to facilitate smooth movement around the corners.

Types of Belt Conveyors:
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          There are many alternative varieties of conveyors and firms should be able to find one to suit their desires. Some of the most common varieties are mentioned below.
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3. Horizontal Belt Conveyor
8. Portable Conveyor
9. Troughed Belt Conveyor

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