Saturday, 10 February 2018

Flat Belt Conveyor

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          It is a flat belt which is stretched or is long and is joint from one end to another end. It is a belt type of conveyor. It is unit on floor that cannot be accumulated. They're accessible in several widths and lengths to suit client's needs. They're utilized in conveying powder material or bulk material. They're also used extensively in packing lines, assembly lines and inspection lines. In certain applications, metal detectors can be coupled to belt conveyors that facilitate on-line examination and prevent any metal particle to stay in the material. These also find smart application in passing on material to a long distance. They are primarily used for light-weight transporting and medium-weight loads between operations, departments, levels and buildings. They're used when incline or decline is needed. It provides considerable control over items on the belt. The belt is roller or slider bed supported; the slider bed is employed for little and irregularly shaped items.

Image Source: Google

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