Friday, 9 February 2018

Slat Conveyor

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          A slat conveyor is equipment with slat blades on it. There is a unique space assigned for each slat. It uses discretely spaced slats which are connected to a chain of the equipment. Each unit being transported retains its position like belt conveyor. In this conveyor orientation and placement of the load can be controlled. This is primarily used for loads which are terribly heavy and are not appropriate to be carried by a belt conveyor. It is mainly used for heavy loads or loads which might harm a belt. Each slat conveyor undergoes a proper design calculation, an equally strict and stringent manufacturing process with proper quality control and is tested in factory to assure smooth and safe equipment at customer's premises. Type, size and speed of slat conveyors may differ according to the application where they are to be utilized. For sorting process tilt slat conveyor is used.

Image Source: Google

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