Tuesday, 8 May 2018


          After welding, flange is the second most commonly utilized joining technique. Flanges are utilized when the joints are needed dismantling. It provides easy access for maintenance like cleaning, inspection and modifications. Flange connects the pipe with numerous equipments, pumps and valves to form piping. Breakup flanges are added in the pipeline system if regular maintenance is needed or necessary during plant operation.
          A flanged joint consists of 3 separate and independent although interrelated segments; the flanges, the gaskets, and also the bolting; that are assembled by yet another influence, the fitter. Sometimes flanges are welded to the pipe lines too. Exceptional controls are needed in the selection and application of all these components to accomplish a joint. A gasket is placed between the two mating flanges which provide acceptable leak tightness.
          However, it is not recommended to used flanged connection in underground piping when it is yo be buried. There are a variety of flanges are available. Flanges are classified as following below:
          1. On the basis of type of connection
          2. Based on flange facing type
          3. Material type
          4. On the basis of Temperature and pressure Ratings

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