Thursday, 7 June 2018

Phenomenon of Light

Phenomenon of Light:
Visible Effect
Refraction of light
Day is lengthened (4 min due to atmosphere refraction)
Stars appear to twinkle
Mirages are formed
Sun or moon appears larger in size when at horizon
Pencil in the beaker appear broken
Stick immersed in water appears bent at the point of separation
A person standing inside water appears shorter
Writing on a paper appear lifted when glass slab is placed over the paper.
Dispersion of light
Deviation of light passes through a prism
Rainbows are formed
Interference of light
Beautiful colours are seen in soap bubbles and oil films on water
Scattering of light rays of small wavelengths
Sky appears blue
Clouds appear white
Sun appears red during sunrise and sunset
Total internal Reflection
For mation of mirages in desert
Air bubbles in glass paper weight appear silvery white
Sparkling of diamond 

Facts to Remember:

Facts to Remember
The speed of light
186,000 miles per second (or)  3X 108 m/s
Colour of light with smallest wavelength
Colour of light with longest wavelength
Colour which scatterd most and which scatter least
Most - Violet
Least- Red
Colour which deviates more and which deviates less
Most - Violet
Least - Red
Three dimensional imaging using interference of light is known as
System of light excitation used in surgeries, printers etc
The colour of light which is most conducive to photosynthesis
The study of properties and behaviour of light is known as

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