Wednesday, 18 July 2018


          In Monoblock Pumps, Centrifugal monoblock pump is one of the common types. In a lot of places centrifugal pumps offers more benefits. Here are the benefits offered by these pumps:

1) Due to its compact size, it consumes less space.
2) There is no air lock problem in these types of pumps, because these have uni casing.
3) There is no centrifugal switch.
4) The pump has a balanced structure so there is no vibration and noise. Rigged construction that ensures longevity.
5) There is less maintenance & operation cost.
6) Bearings of the pump are water lubricated.
7) These pumps are self-supportive. This means that there is no requirement of installing any base plate or guards.
8) These pumps have the best hydraulic and suction lifting efficiency.
9) They are self priming. They are also put into use to pump water from well (Both shallow and deep wells) with built in Non return valves.


          These pumps can be used at a variety of places to meet different water requirements. Below we mentioned some applications of these type of pumps:

a) Industrial and Public water supply.
b) Booster application
c) Sprinkler/Drip and Lift Irrigation
d) Dewatering of mines.

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