Wednesday, 11 July 2018


          A monoblock pump is a mechanical device. We all know that 'mono' means single. The prime mover of the pump (i.e., Motor) and pump are built together in same housing, thet type of pumps is called as "Monoblock Pumps".
          In which a common shaft contains all the rotating parts. Because of this, during the transmission from motor to shaft, loss of energy is minimal. Motor assembly and pump assemblyis the main components of monoblock pumps. The device's impellor and volute chamber are designed in a manner that it offers best hydraulic effficiency and charecteristics related to suction lift. Most advanced machinery, dynamic balanced impellor, seals and ball bearings are used for the manufacturing process. Due to the dynamically balanced rotor, there is less noise and vibration. The shaft is made up of high-quality steel.

Features/Advantages: –
a) It's unique design that helps in the prevention of overloading and the burning of the motor even during prolonged use.
b) They are simple and compact. They need less space for installation.
c) They are cost effective.
d) Weared parts can be easily replaceable.
e) These pumps bears fatter efficiency curve which helps in efficient functioning.
f) With dynamically balanced rotating parts, there is less noise and vibration while working.
g) The pump has less complexicity in installation and maintenance is also easy.
h) They are self supporting, these pumps do not need additional base plates and coupling for installation.
i) Automatic release of air while priming.
j) These pumps has a sturdy design as they can endure three phase voltage fluctuations.  

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