Friday, 25 January 2019

Electrification of a Body (or) Electrification processes of bodies

          A body can be charged or electrified in many ways; the methods are discussed below:
a. Charging by friction
b. Charging by conduction or contact
c. Charging by induction
d. Electrification byh heating
e. Electrification by pressure

a. Charging by friction: When two nutral bodies are rubbed against each other, due to friction one of them losses electrons and hence gets positively charged and the body that ains electrons gets negetively charged.
Experiment: Take a small piece of uncharged plastic rod and cloth, rub against each other this will result both of them get charged. Same thing will happen between rubber rod and fur, Glass rod and silk cloth.

b. Charging by conduction: When a charged body is brought in direct contact with an uncharged body (or nutral body), it shares its charge with it. Thus the uncharged body becomes charged.

c. Charging by Induction: The process of temporary electrification of an initially neutral conductiong body (induced) by bringing a charged body (inducer) close to it without making any actual contact between the bodies is known as charging by induction.

d. Electrification by heating: Certain bodies, when heated, is electrified by presenting contrary electricities names in two diametrically opposite points. The phenomenon is called pyroelectric phenomenon. It is more common in crystalls, such as Tourmaline.

e. Electrification by pressure: Certain bodies, when compressed, is electrified, displaying electricities names against the ends. The phenomenon is called piezoelecttric phenomenon. It is also ore common in crystals, such as Tourmaline, Calcite, and Quartz. 

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