Friday, 1 February 2019

Important local winds list

                  Local winds are due to the uneaqual heating and cooling in that area, gravity and tempeartures. Here a small list of important local winds,
Chinook or Snow eater – Hot, Dry wind in Rockies. Cattle grazing depends on this wind because it melts the snow.
Sirocco – Hot, moist, dusty wind from Sahara to Mediterranean
Sea Solano  Hot, moist wind from Sahara towards Iberian Peninsula
Harmattan – Hot, Dry wind blowing outwards from interior of west Africa, also called Guinea Doctor
Bise  Cold , dry wind blowing from northeast over the alphs to the switzerland and france.
Bora – Cold, strong dry wind blowing outwards from Hungary to the north of Italy (near Adriatic Sea)
Xlokk – It is pronounced as "shlok". It is the hot, dry dusty (Sirocco) wind in Malta.
Foehn – Hot, Dry wind in the Alps
Khamsin – Hot, Dry wind in Egypt. thw wind is said to blow for 50 days.
Mistral – Very cold wind, that blows down from the Alps over France
Punas – Cold, dry wind blowing down towards the western side of Andes
Blizzard – Very cold winds in Tundra region
Brickfielder – Hot wind in Australia that bring hot air outback to the cooler area.
Purga – Cold wind in Russian
Willy willy - A local wirling wind in Australia.
Tundra Levanter – cold wind in Spain
Norwester – Hot wind in New Zealand
Santa Ana – Hot wind in S. California in USA

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